Miura SPA offers a wide range of massages and treatments in two design massage rooms.

Classic massage - whole body

Relaxes the entire locomotor system, removes pain, encourages energy, revives muscles and thus strengthens your physical and mental wellbeing.

30/ 60 min 700/ 1200 CZK

Sport massage „backup shot“

This massage relaxes and generates the whole body after sport.

30 min 750 CZK 

Flask massage

45/ 60 min 1150/ 1450 CZK 

Aromatic massage with warm oil

Massage for relaxation, improvement of the body´s metabolism and releasing muscle tension.

30/ 60 min 700/ 1170 CZK 

Relaxing massage with oleogel

Sweet body scrub exfoliates and smoothes the skin. Ideal for tired skin.

30/ 60 min 800/ 1400 CZK 

Chocolate massage I - peeling

In addition to perfect relaxation the massage helps with smoothening and beautifying skin, eliminating cellulite, removing toxic substances and relaxing stiff muscles.

70 min 1500 CZK

Chocolate massage I - wrap

In addition to perfect relaxation the massage helps with smoothening and beautifying skin, eliminating cellulite, removing toxic substances and relaxing stiff muscles.

60 min 1300 CZK

Candle massage

This massage is ideal for the removal of internal unrest and tension, it harmonizes the energy in the body and reduces stress.

45/ 60 min 1000/ 1300 CZK

Relaxing massage with green tea & peeling

This procedure is hydrating and cleansing. Green tea keeps skin of the body through its vitamins still young and greatly relieves stress.

60 min 1300 CZK

Relaxing honey massage & peeling

This massage is suitable for deep skin regeneration, because the honey massage detoxifies the body and induces mental well-being.

60 min 1300 CZK

Thalgo rituals

Luxurior French cosmetic rituals (treatment) for skin and body.

Discover the sensual worlds of Thalgo... 

Indocéane spa ritual

This ritual takes you on a discovery journey to a new kind of relaxation that fills the body and mind with indescribable feeling of inner peace and strength. Treatment includes 3 phases: sugar-salty body scrub, Indian Ayurveda massage, indocéane silky body wrap

75 min 2500 CZK 

Polynesian spa ritual

Enjoy the holiday scents of vanilla and coconut. This ritual is a way of ultimate relaxation and sensuality. Treatment includes 3 phases: Island body scrub, Mahana massage, Polynesian sacred oil hydration.

65 min 2300 CZK 


Sanotherm (levitation bath) - out of order

Do you want to experience something incredible? If answer is yes, we would like to show you an exciting form of relaxation in our spa. The levitation bath will make your body weightless and you will be in the seventh spa heaven!

20 min 600 CZK 

Levitation bath - sanotherm with wrap

(seaweed, mud)

The procedure starts with application of the body wrap (cinnamon, seaweed, mud), followed by wrapping into the soft cloth and AHA relaxation effect when levitation bath rises up and pleasantly warmed guest floats in the waterbed as if in the seventh spa heaven. High temperature of 37 degrees causes higher skin absorption, so it is able to take all needed vitamins and minerals from seaweed or mud.

40 min 850 CZK 

Levitation bath - sanotherm exclusive

The procedure starts with body peeling which removes superficial layers of skin to reveal a fresh, younger dermis and stimulate collagen remodelling which make your skin feel healthy and smooth again. It is followed by seaweed wrap which feeds the body skin with essential vitamins and nutrients.

50 min 1000 CZK


We will be happy to help you create a true spa experience that will be adapted to meet your individual needs.

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