Miura SPA offers a wide range of massages and treatments in two design massage rooms.

Aromatherapy massage

Different types of essential oils are used in this massage. Characteristic are the slower and gentler massage strokes and the beneficial effects on the nervous system. Aromatherapy lowers blood pressure, relieves muscle tension, relieves stress, promotes blood pressure and lymphatic circulation, and has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin. It is a very pleasant way of physical and mental relaxation.

30/ 60 minutes     1200/ 1800 CZK

Classic massage

Classical massage, sometimes referred to as Swedish massage, is an excellent way to relax not only stiff muscles but also the mind. It is therefore one of the most popular and sought-after treatments. During the massage, blood circulation is increased, digestion is aided and metabolism is stimulated. This allows for increased elimination of waste substances from the body. Massage also helps to remove accumulated lymph in certain organs, ensuring even blood circulation in the body while improving energy flow.

30/ 60 minutes       1100/ 1700 CZK 

Golf massage (unique massage with heated golf balls)

It focuses on problematic areas of golfers - i.e. lower back, cervical spine, trapezius. Prevents health problems and regenerates the body. Thanks to the heated golf balls, the masseur gets deeper and more intensively into the problem areas. Golf relaxation is an ideal experience and an escape from the stress of everyday life.

30/ 60 min     1300/ 1900 CZK 

Slimming massage

This massage is excellent for fat and cellulite reduction. When massaging problem areas, the Celulinie oil (Saloos) or Slimming Oleogel with seaweed (Atok) are effective aids to promote blood and lymphatic circulation. This massage improves fluid circulation and thus helps to flush out retained toxins and waste substances from the body, burns fat and reduces swelling. Regular massage of problem areas results in significantly smoother and firmer skin. A silicone bulb or a special roller is used during the massage.

30/ 60 min 1200/ 1800 CZK, with peeling 2100 CZK (only 60minutes variation)

Relaxing, regenerative massage

During this massage you will achieve perfect physical, mental and psychological relaxation and overall peace. Not only will you connect the feeling of relaxation in your back, arms or legs - in short, the part of the body you let the relaxation massage affect, but you will also release tension in your mind. Unfortunately, today's hectic times don't give anyone as much rest as they deserve.

30/ 60 min     1100/ 1700 CZKwith peeling 2100 CZK (only 60minutes variation)

Massage with flasks

It is based on the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. Due to the effect of the vacuum, the stiffened area is significantly blooded and subsequently warmed and oxygenated. "Cupping" has a very quick and profound effect on relaxing stiff muscles and eliminating pain, relaxing joints, stimulating internal organs and washing away accumulated pollutants.

30/ 60 min     1450/ 1750 CZK

Kinesio tape

Revolutionary therapeutic method from Japanese - kinesio - taping.
Kinesio - taping allows the muscles to work actively without restricting the movement of the limbs and leaving the blood circulation undisturbed. At the same time you can be sure that your muscles are protected from further problems. They support the healing process, blood and lymph circulation. At the same time, Kinesio-tape stimulates your proprioceptors, thus relieving tension and improving the function of your joints. The pressure on the surrounding tissues will help relieve the pain you feel.

Smaller type    300 CZK

Bigger type      500 CZK

Candle massage

The original relaxation method, which translates as "candle massage". The heated massage candle contains moisturizing substances and precious oils that have a beneficial effect on the whole body. During the massage, fragrant essences are released, which affect all the senses and enhance the feeling of well-being and relaxation. Treat yourself to a perfect relaxation of body and mind, dissolving stress and restoring the energy that the unique composition of natural substances of the massage candle contains.

30/ 60 min     1400/ 1800 CZK


Sanotherm (levitation bed)

Do you want to experience something special? If so, we would like to introduce you to exciting forms of relaxation in our spa. The levitation heated bed provides you with a weightless state of your body and you find yourself in the seventh spa heaven.

20 min 800 CZK 

Levitation bed - sanotherm with wrap

(mudded seaweed)
The procedure begins by applying a wrap to the body, followed by wrapping in a soft cloth and finallythe AHA relaxation effect comes in handy, which means that the bed rises and you get pleasantly warmed up and float on a waterbed as if you were in the seventh SPA heaven. Thanks to the temperature of 37 degrees occurs to increase skin absorption and your body gets the necessary nutrients from seaweed / mud.

40 min 1050 CZK 


We will be happy to help you create a true spa experience that will be adapted to meet your individual needs.

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